Pauline ready for MTB World Championships!

"It's a fun lap to ride and with the rain it's slippery so that will add another dimension to the race" More...



Tanja to debut for German national team

"Racing for the national team for the first time is just another awesome opportunity..." More...



Elena takes home the sprint jersey

"For me personally I am happy with my form." More...



Elena takes the lead in the sprint classification

"It's a home race which adds a huge amount of excitement but with that also comes some extra pressure." More...



Hannah wins Most Combative rider on stage three

"It was really aggressive with a lot of early attacks." More...



Elena sprints to third on stage two of Boels Ladies Tour

"With 200m to go I was still a long way back and I did the sprint in the less favourable part." More...



Lisa takes Youth Classification jersey in Arnhem

"The course was quite technical which I liked." More...



Pauline fourth at La Bresse MTB World Cup

“The race was crazy! The ambience from the crowds was incredible." More...



Elena 4th in Plouay

"I'm disappointed to get another fourth place!" More...



A weekend of double races when Hannah returns to racing

"I don’t see why I can’t play a big part in our team performance." More...



Kasia wins QOM jersey after the final stage in Halden

"At the end of the tour we’ve managed to keep the QOM jersey and we can be happy with the result." More...



Kasia third on stage two in Norway

"It's a home race which adds a huge amount of excitement but with that also comes some extra pressure." More...



Kasia takes QOM jersey on stage one

"I felt good today. I was able to be in the race right from the start! More...



4th in the TTT in Halden

We have gained some good information from both of our races in Sweden and Norway More...



Alexis and Kasia return to racing in Norway

"I'm super stoked about coming back to racing mode!" More...



Elena sprints to 4th in Sweden

"The race was hard and fast. A lot of attacks and never an easy moment." More...



Tanja talks through her first Women's WorldTour team time trial

"...now your teammates are the only athletes surrounding you..." More...

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