Alice BarnesUnited Kingdom

2018 was set to be a learning curve for the 23 year old British rider. And learning it was. “A couple of things stood out for me last season. I feel that it took me a while moving into a new team and environment. It was quite different from what I was used to with always having been in a British team or with British Cycling. Learning how to express myself and understand different nationalities was something I took some time to adjust to.” “I learnt a lot from the staff and riders that have been around me. Whether it was in a race or just in general life. I have also learnt to have more confidence in myself and that I need to make this clear to others so that they have confidence to work for me. This stood out most for me at Yorkshire when I was quietly confident that I had good legs for stage 1 but wasn’t able to express this as I was worried about having the pressure from the team. In the end we worked great together and I was really happy with how everyone believed in me. I also felt similar at the TTT Worlds. It seemed that I was the one with the least confidence, and the team had the most in me. It’s something I’ll be working on for 2019.” “I have started working with a new coach who I am really happy with and am feeling good work has been done already. I just can’t wait to get racing really.”




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