Christa RiffelGermany

Christa initially signed in a stagiaire role with the team in August 2017 before signing on for a full year contract with the team for 2018. The 19 year-old German said she’s felt part of the team right from the beginning.

“I really like to race with the team and it’s been great to see how they’ve achieved their goals by working hard together. That’s been inspiring and I want to experience that more. Not only the staff and riders are great, the equipment we use is fantastic!”

“I really want to learn more from my teammates, and improve myself to the top level so that I can contribute more to the team’s efforts as well.”

Christa has shown already she can hold her own in the highest company, placing third in the UCI 1.1 Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge in South Africa last year.





  • 2018

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