Tiffany CromwellAustralia

The Australian rider is somewhat of a veteran of the team at 30 years old. With a change to her preparation for the 2019 season, Tiffany is hoping to make 2019 one of her most successful yet.

“I’m really excited for the 2019 season and the team’s preparations already. We had a really solid and productive December training camp where we got a nice balance of base miles, team building activities and important off the bike work done.”

“This year I’m taking a completely different approach to the season than I ever have in my career. I’m always keen to support the Australian races in January as it’s rare that we get to do world class races on home soil during the season. But this year I need to take a step back and approach my own key goals in the best way.”

“I’m taking a more ‘traditional’ approach to the European season. Taking my time to really build my base, then introduce strength work and slowly transitioning towards the high intensity race efforts. It’s different to how I have prepared in the recent seasons, and I’m really enjoying this process at the moment.”




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