Omer ShapiraIsrael

In 2020 Omer added another Israeli national road title—making her the first ever woman to win four consecutive Israeli titles—her first national individual time trial title, and a new MTB marathon title to her palmares. Omer now moves into her third year with CANYON//SRAM Racing.

“I learned many things in 2020 about myself and about cycling. I learned that my motivation isn’t dependent on races or a specific goal; I found motivation to work hard even when all of the races were cancelled one after the other. I learned that I love to push my physical limits, even when it’s just myself I’m competing with. I found it very interesting how I coped, and when I didn’t, and what I learned in 2020.”

“At the same time I also learned that in order to be good racer, and to peak at the right time, I need to choose carefully when to push myself. At one moment, in a short and hectic season, I felt that I was the best rider I have ever been: Durango, Strade Bianche and La Course by Le Tour de France. A moment later, I realised how much I still have to learn in understanding teamwork, the technical parts, and the tactics.”

“My goal for 2021 is to become better racer and create more of those moments when I feel I’m at my very best.”






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