What started life in founder Roman Arnold’s garage as Radsport Arnold has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of road, mountain, triathlon, fitness, urban and kids’ bikes as well as modern e-bikes. Officially renamed in 2002, Canyon works hand-in-hand with the best athletes on the planet to produce an array of award-winning bikes that embody a pure passion for riding. With a strong reputation for true innovation, implementing leading technologies, clean and clear design as well as the highest standards in quality and service, Canyon continues to expand worldwide.

Road riders are going beyond where we’ve ever gone before. We’re going further and faster. And when the road stops, we keep going. One thing hasn’t changed: We want to push those boundaries without any distractions. Exploring new limits has never been easier. SRAM RED eTap AXS™—Simply Beyond.

Zwift is the fitness company born from gaming. Athletes from around the globe can train and compete with each other in rich, 3D-generated worlds simply by connecting their existing devices & hardware via ANT+ and BLE. From friendly competition, to racing & structured training programs, Zwift is building a community of like-minded athletes united in the pursuit of a better social fitness experience.

Giro started in 1985 by creating the first ventilated, lightweight cycling helmet, the Prolight. Today, Giro is a worldwide leader in equipment for cycling, skiing and snowboarding and the company’s goods are trusted by millions of riders around the world.

Oakley’s global network of athletes is at the heart of a new global brand push for the sports eyewear and apparel brand that aims to rally people around their passions, athletic or otherwise.

Zipp Speed Weaponry was founded in 1988 with the sole mission of making you faster. We use design engineering, composites knowledge, real world testing, and wind tunnel development to help athletes to become champions in the toughest races in the world from the cobbled roads of Belgium to the Queen K in Kona.

Founded in Nevers, France, in 1987, TIME’s clipless pedals system redefined ergo-dynamic compliance for riders by improving lateral and angular float, perfecting their balance between performance and comfort. TIME added mountain bike pedals in 1993. Its road and MTB pedals have been ridden to victory by legends.

Dial in to fast, effortless, precision fit. The light-weight and durable BOA® Fit System is purpose built for performance, engineered to improve the connection between the rider and their equipment, whilst allowing instant micro-adjustments for a precise, custom fit no matter the challenge or conditions. Making the best gear even better, the BOA® Fit System is featured in products across snow sports, cycling, hiking/trekking, golf, running, court sports, workwear, medical bracing, and prosthetics.

The Ergon standard is to develop products for cyclists and their contact points with the bike. We use special ergonomists, designers and engineers for one unified goal: to develop products that offer the best possible ergonomic solutions for cyclists of various disciplines.

Quad Lock is the strongest and most secure mounting system in the world that integrates your smartphone into an active lifestyle. The unique approach of integrating the mounting interface into a slim and durable everyday case allows the Quad Lock mounts to be much smaller than any other mount on the market.

Quad Lock – Every Day. Every Adventure.

We at Schwalbe are convinced that cycling belongs irreplaceably to our everyday culture – quite simply, because it is a natural, humane form of mobility.

At Topeak we’re riders ourselves and we’re passionate about finding new ways to make every ride the best it can be. We make innovative products and time-tested favourites that are all designed with one thing in mind: making the ride, and life, the best it can be.

More than 60% of the chains and more than 20% of the legs in the World Tour peloton circle with Morgan Blue oil. Over 20 professional cycling teams choose the products of Morgan Blue. This collaboration is not only a transfer of products towards the teams. Thanks to the close cooperation with mechanics, soigneurs and riders, there is an interaction. This feedback from the professional cycling environment is used to improve the products continuously and was also a sign for the company to start producing competition lubricants.

Maurten is a sports nutrition & technology company that, in 2015, introduced natural hydrogel technology as a way to take sports fuel to the next level. Since 2016, the company has fueled the world’s s best endurance athletes across a wide range of sports with primary focus within cycling, running and triathlon. Results include wins across the grands tours of cycling, over 20 major marathon wins in a row and multiple world records.

Founded after its cycling sister-partner, Neatcleats™, ZPURS offers a more versatile shoe organiser for all types of shoes. The ZPURS patented shoe clip system with interchangeable grips, ergonomic design and attached carabiner, keeps your shoes, trainers and sneakers where you need them, when you need them.

Pelotan is high-performance sun protection designed specifically to improve performance, maximise comfort and allow athletes around the world to avoid costly sunburn.

Since 2018 the company have worked with Grand Tour Winners, Olympic Gold Medallists, IRONMAN World Champions and multiple World, European and National Champions across Cycling and Triathlon, firmly establishing Pelotan as the choice of elite performers around the world.

Whatever your sport, Pelotan provides maximum protection whilst enabling peak performance – from sunrise to sunset.

Dig Deep Coaching’s purpose is to help individuals who want to make improvements. A highly experienced team of passionate coaches and sports professionals that use the latest and best training techniques and tools. They plan to be the best at what do and make a real difference in the lives of cyclists and triathletes by delivering excellent service through consistent feedback.

TrainingPeaks creates endurance training apps and solutions that help athletes and coaches prepare the right way to reach their goals. TrainingPeaks solutions are used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® World Champions, Olympians, and age-group athletes and coaches around the world.

CORE is the only wearable sensor that delivers continuous and accurate core body temperature monitoring. It incorporates innovative Swiss sensor technology in a compact unit that is comfortable to wear and integrates seamlessly with sports equipment. Athletes benefit from core body temperature monitoring for heat stress prevention, heat training and active cooling. When athletes get hot it impacts power output and performance. Real-time monitoring puts the athlete back in control so that they can train and compete at their best.

Improve your athlete’s performance with INSCYD testing and analysis software. Get lab results without visiting one, using our remote power-only test, lactate test or VO2 test. Get actionable data that helps creating training programs, race pacing and fueling plans, and personal training zones. Learn from the world’s best coaches via our education courses.

Best Bike Split is an online platform built for cyclists and triathletes who race and train with power meters. The underlying technology that drives Best Bike Split lets you predict race times, plan optimal race strategy and execute the perfect race plan on the big day. The software is used by Tour de France teams, IRONMAN® world champions, Olympic gold medalists, age-group athletes, and coaches worldwide to plan, train, and race.

Founded in 2013, Hammerhead is a technology company with a mission to inspire & empower all people to unlock their athletic potential through cycling. Hammerhead’s award-winning Karoo 2 cycling computer delivers intuitive, rider-informed software that is designed to enhance every journey and keep your riding experience on the cutting edge.

Neatcleats™ are a new venture, designed by keen cyclists. NeatCleats do exactly what they say. They tidy up your cycling shoes.

No more looking for the missing shoe in the back of the car or in the early hours of the morning.

We are a young, yet experienced, team of insurance experts. As an insurance broker, we can offer you the best possible protection when it comes to sport, with tailored offers and complete solutions.

Custom-designed frame number holders for pro teams from around the world.

As an entrepreneur, you need a mobility partner that you can rely on unconditionally; Liebe Auto offer individual solutions that optimally adapt to your business. No matter whether you are traveling as a frequent traveler yourself, as a fleet manager leading a large fleet or want specific special solutions. Liebe Auto is your reliable partner.

We roast coffee for cyclists because we believe that drinking good coffee and cycling belong uniquely together.
It fills us with great joy, respect and admiration that we support some of the best performing athletes in cycling today and for the future.
Get your bike, push hard and start earning our coffee. BE MAGISTRALE.

Founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, La Marzocco had its beginnings in Florence, Italy. La Marzocco would earn a world-renowned reputation for making beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines, with great attention to detail. Tradition and a passion in the search for quality and superior reliability are factors that have always distinguished and interested the entire company.

Even today, highly specialized personnel supervise each stage in the production of every single machine, hand-crafted to order for each and every client. In this way, Giuseppe Bambi’s great experience and professional pride live on after over ninety years.

Our suite of products help to relieve tension, unlock sore muscles, and prime your body and mind to be at their best, so you can always find the simple fun in doing what you love to do, more.


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