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CANYON//SRAM Generation continues to impress in its first season with success at its second stage race, UCI ProSeries Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour, on the weekend. Ricarda Bauernfeind was fifth in the general classification, second on a stage and won the Best German Rider classification. Importantly, the team takes several key learnings from the six-day stage race.

Ricarda says, “Everyone on the team had good days and bad days this week. I really liked how we tried to motivate and help each other during the harder days. Not just the riders, but also the staff. Overall, we had a nice week of racing with lovely people. I’m pleased I could give something back and we could celebrate the results together.”

Ricarda says she was surprised with her tour.

“I never expected to have these results. I wasn’t sure about my shape coming into the tour. In the first stage, I had to fight so hard just to stay in the bunch. The team was always there, and they supported and helped push me for the next days. I had a better feeling on the bike day by day and I appreciate the support I received to give me those feelings. We enjoyed the atmosphere and being on the podium for a final jersey was such an amazing feeling. It was a bonus on top of the fifth in GC.”

The UCI ProSeries Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour was one of the highlights of the season for CANYON//SRAM Generation. With Aliaa Mansor forced to abandon on the first stage, and Antonia Niedermaier focused on her final school exams, the team raced with just four riders for the week. The build up to the highlight has been a steady progression. The team started with national races in Spain and moved to the Women’s Spanish Cup series, UCI 1.1 and 2.1 races until the six-day stage race in Thüringen, Germany.

Team Sport Director Adam Szabo says, ”I was really happy that the team could learn day by day during the stage race, showing they could implement the lessons from the day before. The team could race aggressively, for example with Agua Marina in the breakaway, but were also able to support Ricarda in the general classification.”

Read the reactions of the other CANYON//SRAM Generation riders after the Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour.


“I’m definitely feeling the stage race in my legs. Six back-to-back days of racing is no joke! I’ve pushed myself mentally and physically and I’m glad that I was able to complete each stage of the tour. There’s a great deal of commitment needed for this sort of racing. As my first real year as a competitive cyclist, the Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour isn’t comparable to anything I’ve done before but i’s great now to have this sort of experience under my belt.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about my own performance yet. I think it was okay considering the level of the riders, but right now I’m looking forward to some good rest to kickstart the next set of races starting in July.

Aside from Ricarda’s fifth place in the GC and Agua’s breakaway highlight, for me, the positive moments were interacting more with the staff, especially the mechanic and physio from CANYON//SRAM Racing, who I hadn’t seen since the training camps at the start of the season. We had a very tough but nice week.” 


“I love stage races so much! It was a really satisfying week. It’s also a bit sad it’s finished because I was having so much fun and now we have a break from racing. I’m definitely going to miss the racing environment. 

I had several highlights this week. The second stage in the break because it was my aim of the tour and I was proud to be there for the team. Stage four in the rain was really challenging but everyone in our team managed it really well and I feel like that was an important step we’ve made this season. Lastly, the final stage on the circuit. It was a fun lap and I felt like I could help Ricarda even more.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about my performance. I have improved in racing at this level. After the bad feelings in the first stage, I could turn it around and had some solid days which shows me I’m on the right path. I was aiming for a better result overall. It motivates me to train hard and come back stronger for the rest of the season.”


“It was a very hard stage race and I am tired now! But I am happy to have done it and help the team. I know I need to keep working hard. Ricarda’s results were great!”


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