12.03.2017 ,

Gallery from Drentse Acht van Westerveld

The team led Barbara Guarischi today to a win in the sprint classification at Drentse Achte van Westerveld (affectionately known as Drentse8). The race was won by Chloe Hosking (ALE) in a sprint from a reduced bunch, whilst Barbara Guarischi was sixth in the sprint.

Read the rider reactions below.

Barbara Guarischi “From 0-143km the race was hard. Although we spent a lot of energy to stay near the front it was necessary. Lisa helped me in the intermediate sprints, and we’re pleased we took that jersey. The final local laps were crazy! Elena did a really good job to bring me in the front for the final sprint. I felt good but had spent too much energy and I got sixth. I’m not happy with the result but really happy with how we rode and how we jumped into the race, the fight and focus was good for the team.”

Lisa Brennauer “We’ve been present in and part of every move today and were very active in trying to create a breakaway to set up Barbara for the intermediates. In the end we left the race with a sprint jersey and lots of good vibes and motivation for the upcoming races.”

Trixi Worrack The race was good teamwork, and we had four in the front group to represent our team. I felt much better than yesterday so I could do a lot of work for the team.”

Hannah Barnes “It wasn’t a great day for me personally but it was good to see overall the team rode well and that Barbara got the sprint jersey.”

Mieke Kröger “In yesterday’s race I invested quite a lot of energy and effort and with the solo move and then leading the team into the VAMberg climb I felt good. Today I have to say it was hard, especially in the first half of the race I made a lot of mistakes in positioning and I couldn’t really do my job. In the second half it came back together and I tried my best to help the team where I could and led into the final cobbles. I think I paid the toll for yesterday’s effort.”

Elena Cecchini “Today we raced very well! Always together, present in breakaways and attacks. I helped Barbara in the sprint today but with a lot of strong sprinters in the final group we didn’t get the result we want.”