31.08.2017 ,

Gallery from ITT stage 3 in Roosendaal

Our team put in a strong performance today in the 16.9km ITT stage three of Holland Ladies Tour. Tour leader Annemiek van Vleuten extended her lead with a stage win, 4 seconds ahead of second placed Ellen van Dijk and 33 seconds ahead of Lisa Brennauer who finished 5th.

Early starter Hannah Barnes held the hot seat for much of the stage with an average of 42.6km/hr. Her lead fell as the GC contenders clocked in, first teammate Mieke Kröger crossed the line with a fastest time but in the end would finish 6th, 37 seconds behind the winner.

Alexis Ryan, Trixi Worrack and Elena Cecchini also put in strong performances. Cecchini said “The course had a lot of long straight sections where you could really practice your technique. The corners were not really technical.”

“Our DS gave me an average watts target for the ITT and I’m pleased that I felt good in the race and I achieved it,” said Cecchini.

With three stages remaining Cecchini remains optimistic for the team’s opportunities. “I’m striving for and hitting some personal goals here at the tour. I’m testing myself in this last part of the season. I will be try to be smart in the next stages and, depending my role in the team, I can let the big fish go for their GC game which opens an opportunity for a stage win.”