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A round-up of our riders at their respective road national championships in June, as the results come in!

Rwanda – Diane Ingabire defended her title in the ITT and Road Race. CANYON//SRAM Generation teammate Valentine Nzayisenga took home the silver in the ITT and fifth place in the road race.

Diane says, “I’m very happy to win again! I love wearing this jersey and am happy to keep it for the next part of the season.”

Poland – Agnieszka Skalniak-Sójka defended her stripes in the Polish ITT, winning by 13 seconds over the 23km course.

Agnieszka says, “I only was able to wear this jersey once so far this season, so I’m happy I can keep wearing it for the time trials coming up later this year. I am very happy with the victory, especially since in recent days I did not feel well and until the last moment, I considered not taking part in the championship.”

USA – Chloé Dygert won her second ITT elite title when she won in wet conditions in Knoxville, Tennessee, securing her a place in the USA Cycling team for the UCI ITT world championships in Glasgow, Scotland, later in August.

Chloé says, “I’m super happy to pull off the win here. That was the goal in order to qualify for the ITT at the world championships. Now it’s about moving on to the training and preparation in order to be the best I can be for the ITT in Glasgow.”

Germany – Antonia Niedermaier won the U23 ITT title for Germany, with Justyna Czapla taking the bronze medal. Ricarda Bauernfeind finished  5th in the elite women.

Antonia says, “I tried to keep the tempo steady and push harder on the hills. I had Erik Zabel in the car, and he gave me really good advice on my line and when to push a little bit harder. In the end, it was really good, and I could hold my tempo without being completely done and fading in the last kilometres. It feels great to win, and I really wasn’t expecting that.”

In the road race, Ricarda finished just off the podium in 4th place, Antonia in 6th place and Justyna in 12th.

Italy – 9th in the ITT for Soraya Paladin

Great Britain – 32nd in the ITT for Alex Morrice.

Algeria – Nesrine Houili crashed in the ITT and did not finish the race. She had some small injuries but is looking to start the road race later this weekend.

Switzerland – Swiss Cycling postponed the ITT until a later date in 2023. The road race will go ahead as planned on 25 June.

The Netherlands – Pauliena Rooijakkers crossed the line in 7th place in the road race.

Paraguay – Agua Marina Espinola Salinas won her 7th national ITT title today at home in Paraguay.

Agua Marina said, “It was really windy, so I needed to push at the section of headwind and try to recover on the tail. I’m really happy to get the win! It’s going to be really nice to wear these colours at my favourite discipline.”

Jamaica – Llori Sharpe won her first-ever national cycling title when she won the ITT.

Llori said, “The course for the ITT is one I do quite frequently, so I was super happy and relieved to be doing something familiar, especially with only returning to Jamaica a few days ago. The course had no shelter and was completely open, so the wind direction (slight crosswind going out and headwind coming back) played a huge role in my pacing strategy. My approach was to start out slightly easier than what I can sustain and find a sweet spot where I’d accumulate as little fatigue as possible and then, on the return, build up towards the higher end of my sustainable power. I think I did a pretty good job at that and was able to tackle the headwind.

The level of joy that comes with being the national champ is a bit indescribable. Of course, it’s great to win, but it’s even greater being able to wear your country’s colours for the world to see.”



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