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Round up of the world championships in Doha

Following our silver medal in the team time trial (TTT), the team had five riders compete in the individual time trial on Tuesday 11 October and all nine riders yesterday in the women’s road race at the world championships in Doha, Qatar. 

Lisa Brennauer, Trixi Worrack, Alena Amialiusik, Hannah Barnes and Elena Cecchini all finished in the top fifteen positions in the 28.9km individual time trial. With just one day recovery after their efforts in the TTT the five women were racing again, this time representing their respective national federations. Read their reactions following the ITT: 

Lisa Brennauer, 6th in the ITT for Germany: “I gave everything. Of course it’s a pity that it didn’t take me further than a 6th place after I’ve won medals in the past two editions.”

Trixi Worrack, 7th in the ITT for Germany: “It was really hot and really hard. At first I was thinking that I didn’t recover after the TTT with just one day in between. But I’m in good condition at the moment and I’m happy with the result.”

Alena Amialiusik, 10th in the ITT for Belarus: “I felt much better than the day after the TTT. For sure this circuit didn’t really suit me because it was totally flat but I tried my best. You think you’re going fast because the speed is high, but you always need to keep trying to push more and more otherwise it’s not fast enough. I liked that there were so many corners and I concentrated on taking every corner with a good technique. In general it is a good result for me because in the past two years with my team and my coach I have improved a lot in the ITT.”

Hannah Barnes, 14th in the ITT for Great Britain: “I didn’t feel fully recovered and my legs were still a little blocked after the TTT effort. But overall I am happy with my performance. It’s a discipline that I have wanted to improve on so being able to compete here at world championships was a really valuable experience.”

Elena Cecchini, 15th in the ITT for Italy: “It was my first experience in an ITT at world championships, I’ve never raced for Italy in an ITT before so I didn’t know quite what to expect. I just tried to put together all the stuff I learnt this year with CANYON//SRAM. On the one hand I hoped for a better result, but on the other hand if I think back to where I was just one year ago I would never have imagined to be at the start line of world championships and in the end finish 15th. I did some mistakes because I started too slowly but I had a good last part. Some things just need more experience!”

The five riders from the ITT, along with Mieke Kröger, Tiffany Cromwell, Alexis Ryan and Barbara Guarischi all were in the women’s 134km road race yesterday in Doha representing their countries. Despite several attacks and two breakaways, the race came to a bunch sprint and dutch favourite Kirsten Wild was beaten by 20 year old Danish rider Amalie Dideriksen to secure the rainbow stripes. Lotta Lepistö (Finland) finished third for the bronze medal. Lisa Brennauer was CANYON//SRAM’s best placed rider in 12th.

Following the race yesterday Ronny Lauke said “You had to be safe and safe and safe. The heat played a factor and created exhaustion. It was hard at the very front, and easier from positions 15-20. For our team’s riders in the road race yesterday it’s a reflection of the season. Someone else was often better and that’s what we need to solve as we look to the next season.”


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