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CANYON//SRAM Generation is delighted to announce that Llori Sharpe has extended her contract with the team for another year in 2023. After being an integral part of the team’s debut season, Llori will look to take many learnings and experiences into her second year as a pro cyclist.

CANYON//SRAM Generation Sport Director Adam Szábo: “Llori made the biggest progression throughout the season. There is still a long way to go, but her dedication to pursuing her goals is truly outstanding.”

We asked Llori to answer some questions, reflecting on her first year and looking ahead to the new season.

Q1. What an incredible year! How did you find your first season?

Llori: This past season was a whirlwind, to say the least, but that’s where all the excitement lies! From the exceptional performances by the CANYON//SRAM Generation team and the countries we got to compete in, to the drastic weather changes (freezing cold and extremely hot!), had anyone told me last year that I would’ve spent 2022 training and racing as a pro cyclist in Europe, I would’ve simply laughed. At no point did I think this sort of opportunity would come my way and definitely not this soon either. Becoming a professional cyclist was something I aspired to achieve, but I wasn’t fully it would be attainable, and thanks to CANYON//SRAM, it was. Despite the many highs of the season, I must admit that there were several instances where I either got extremely homesick or was just not feeling like my best self, but luckily I have a really strong support system both back home and in Girona that provided that much-needed level of encouragement to get me through the season. Certainly, the 2022 season was one I won’t forget, and I’m glad I had the experience to build on so as to approach the upcoming season better.

Q2. How did CANYON//SRAM Generation help you as a first-year pro?

Llori: Undoubtedly, CANYON//SRAM Generation had a positive impact on my first year as a pro cyclist. The team (both riders and staff) provided an environment that was conducive to my development as I had the opportunity to learn and ultimately expand my knowledge base on the dynamics of cycling be it technical skills, riding in a huge peloton, approaches to stage races (which was new to me), and the like which contributed immensely to my growth over the 2022 season. I’m glad I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of this team, and I’m looking forward to continuing with CANYON//SRAM Generation for 2023.

Q3. What will be some of the key learnings you can take from this season moving into your second season in 2023?

Llori: I had minimal expectations as to how 2022 would pan out, but heading into 2023, I’ll surely be more intentional with my approach. The first key lesson from this past season was that I’m not alone. I think like many, especially when you’re not feeling like your best self, on numerous occasions I believed no one either cared or understood how difficult the transition to the European racing scene was for me. Fortunately, I had people around me who were more than willing to provide a listening ear for me to confide in them which definitely put me at ease. Secondly, there will be good and bad days. Like life, pro cycling is very dynamic, so there will be times when everything’s seemingly going perfectly and other moments when it isn’t, but as long as I show up fully committed, things will work out.

A final key lesson that I’ll take with me into the 2023 season is that comparison is the thief of joy. Unfortunately, there were several occasions where I didn’t feel deserving of my spot on the team due to comparison, but I’ve come to realize that not only does comparing myself to others distract me from achieving goals I’ve set out for myself, but it also negatively affects my mindset towards training and racing. So, for 2023, eliminating or greatly reducing these comparisons is something I’ll take with me.

Q4. How do you feel about extending your contract with CANYON//SRAM Generation?

Llori: I’m over the moon! Super happy that the team will continue supporting my development as a professional cyclist. I can’t wait for the 2023 season and all that it brings.

Q5.What will be some of your goals for 2023?

Llori: I’m currently still working on the list, but as it relates to cycling, so far I’ve jotted down the following:
i. Improve confidence in the bunch (ride more toward the front),
ii. Improve nutrition and fuelling on and off the bike,
iii. Challenging myself more,
iv. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experiences.

Regarding non-cycling goals, the primary one is to complete my bachelor’s degree program (I’m in my final year at university) and I’d also like to enrol in a chocolate-making course to not only become a certified chocolate-maker but to better understand the craft chocolate industry of which my parents and I are a part.

Q6.What goals do you believe the team as a unit can aim for?

Llori: CANYON//SRAM Generation certainly had an excellent year first and I think we’d love to continue with and build up on that momentum heading into 2023. I believe once we’re all together next year, goals for the season will be established, but for sure, once there’s that commitment to working as a unit, we’ll have another great year.


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