07.10.2016 ,

State-of-the-art preparations in Doha

CANYON//SRAM Racing have been part of a ten day acclimatisation program as the team does its maximum to prepare for the team time trial world championships on Sunday 9 October in Doha, Qatar. All six riders and the staff from the team arrived in Doha nine days ago to work alongside Aspetar, the world’s leading specialised orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital.

Director Sportif Ronny Lauke says the state-of-the-art collaboration with Aspetar has been an important part of the team’s final preparations. “We are grateful we could reach an agreement with Aspetar to help us prepare perfect during this final period ahead of our biggest goal of the season.”

The team has used the knowledge and support from some of the world’s leading sports medicine practitioners and researchers at Aspetar. Riders have been tested for their response to the extreme heat conditions in Doha. Sweat rates have been measured, sleep quality assessed and individual hydration strategies planned. The rider’s adaptation rates to the heat have been constantly monitored, with daily programs adjusted accordingly to maximise their recovery and acclimatisation.

Trixi Worrack says the program has been a crucial part of the team’s focus in the final days before the race. “This has been very important for us. It’s obvious that you need to acclimatise in this heat. We all feel completely supported from all of our partners and then we have added this final period of acclimatisation on top. We are ready for Sunday.”

Lauke points out the team has aimed to consider all of the things that could potentially impact on performance. “Our bikes are the most advanced and the best equipped, our clothing is the fastest and the helmets supreme, overall all of our partners provide us with state-of-the-art equipment. We have arrived to this part of the season and finally we can say all of our riders are healthy, in good shape and well trained. That left the climate conditions for us to consider in order to develop the best strategy to perform.”

“Although it’s an economical effort to come here, we decided to get here early and adapt to the heat and to do things with 100% effort and commitment. After five days of acclimatising we really recognised the difference. The experts and researchers from Aspetar recommended ten days is necessary and so this is why we arrived here so early before our race. We have always wanted to arrive on the start line, to be able to say that we have prepared to the best of our knowledge, and now we are ready. We are confident that we can say this on the start line on Sunday.”

CANYON//SRAM Racing will have Trixi Worrack, Lisa Brennauer, Hannah Barnes, Elena Cecchini, Mieke Kröger and Alena Amialiusik for the team’s strongest possible line-up in Sunday’s race.  The women’s world championship team time trial starts at 14:15 AST / 13:15 CEST / 12:15 BST.