Season opener at Setmana Ciclista Valenciana

"We've had a nice training camp here in Spain for two weeks and I think everyone is really ready to race now." More...



Pauline disappointed after Cyclo-cross World Championships

"I really have a lot of pain in my ribs and you can't do a good performance at world championships if you're not at 100%." More...



Pauline to race Cyclo-cross World Championships

"I’ve seen that it’s possible I can step on to the podium at the highest level again. I’m motivated and serious for Saturday." More...



Pauline crashes out of Hoogerheide world cup

"Before the crash I had a great feeling on my bike." More...



Pauline storms to third in Nommay world cup

"I didn't panic. I just kept pushing and fighting right from the start. Lap by lap I felt better." More...



Pauline ready to race Nommay CX world cup

"I will do my best with the sensations I have!" More...



Pauline wins French cyclo-cross title

"I had to stay focused all the way to the end. I did my own race and tried to be the best I could in the technical sections. I'm really happy to have this win." More...



Tiffany to race at Australian nationals

"I want to race my bike as hard as I can and finish with no “what-if” moments of regret or doubt" More...



Pauline 4th at the World Cup in Zolder

"Straight after the race I was a little disappointed, but more because of the frustration at not being able to do the whole race with a good tempo." More...



Pauline 5th at the World Cup in Namur

"I can’t forget that yesterday was just my second weekend of racing." More...



And the winner is.....

"Ultimately the team liked how Tanja used that determination and engine. She was naturally at ease and on top she impressed the team with her online Zwift race and the lead out simulation exercises on the road" More...



Pauline returns to cyclo-cross

“When you are there on the start line and you’ve been former world champion, it doesn’t matter if you start last line or first line, you know everybody is expecting something from you. Even if it’s the first time in two years that you’re racing people are still expecting something." More...



New-look design and roster for 2018

"We are excited to have managed to bring together a group of some of the most talented and determined athletes from around the globe to further develop and strengthen our team for the future." More...



Christa Riffel third at Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge

"We had the idea to split the bunch in the early crosswind section but in the end the winds weren't strong enough" More...



Racing at the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge in South Africa

"To have a short hilly race is a good way to start back into the pre-season." More...



Leah re-signs for 2018

"Together we’re adding a new dimension to women’s cycling and professional sport in general" More...



Pauline wins Roc d'Azur MTB race

"I knew every corner and every rock. I knew it was impossible that someone could go faster than me on this part of the course." More...



Elena 10th at women's road race world championships

"I am a little disappointed but I am pleased with how I raced. It was a really cool and fun race and I enjoyed it a lot." More...



Five riders to represent in women's road race world championships

"I think it's most likely a small group will come to the line for the finish." More...



Hannah 9th in the ITT world championships

"Looking at the previous races a lot of the riders that were high up at the first split tended to do well overall so I wanted to out pretty hard." More...

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