07.05.2017 ,

Leah second in Anthem Brewing Classic

Leah Thorvilson was yesterday second in the Anthem Brewing Classic Pro/1/2/3 in Oklahoma, beaten in a sprint finish by Heather Laufer (DNA).
Thorvilson is at home in USA training and competing in local races as an individual before returning to Europe next week to race again with her CANYON//SRAM teammates.
After the 83km race around Lake Stanley Draper Marina, Thorvilson said she was happy with the day. “I made it a goal to not do too much work throughout the race, and to be smart with my racing. On the second last lap we started to pick up the pace and formed a small group. There were some riders from a team who still had numbers and of course they were going to use that to their advantage.”
“Coming into the last kilometre I was third wheel. I started early because I know sprinting is not my strength but could only pass one rider. I was disappointed not to win as I feel I was the strongest rider in the field, but I’m learning that bike racing is not only about strength. I know my sprint needs to develop and have to accept that and be happy with the race today.”
Thorvilson will next race with the team at the UCI one-day race La Classique Morbihan in France.