Alex Morrice Great Britain

Alex Morrice leapt into the Women’s World Tour by winning the 2022 Zwift Academy, earning a two-year pro contract with CANYON//SRAM Racing. It’s now eight years that CANYON//SRAM Racing has used Zwift, the fitness company born from gaming, as a form of talent identification.

“2023 has been a huge opportunity for me to learn an incredible amount in the world of cycling. I have been fully immersed in the environment from the start of the year at training camp, right to the last race of the season. I know I have developed a lot of my skills riding in a peloton as well as the technical and tactical side of racing this year that you can only learn through race experience. Looking back, I can see how much I have grown in just a couple of years. Two years ago I was cycling on my commute to and from university every day, a year ago, I completed my first ever national level stage race in Ireland after my first summer of racing my bike in the UK, and then at the end of the 2023 I finished the seven-day Tour de l’Ardéche stage race with CANYON//SRAM!

Most of all, this year has taught me how much I just love riding and racing my bike! I’ve learnt how a supportive team environment is key to team success. I’m so grateful for the whole team at CANYON//SRAM for being so supportive, not just the riders who I have learnt so much from in the races, but the staff for giving me opportunities out of my comfort zone and providing invaluable feedback.

I have found this feedback and self-reflection to be really important in my career so far. It is so easy,  when surrounded by the best female cyclists in the world, to forget to take a step back, find some perspective and focus on your own personal achievements. Just like every elite sportsperson, I have the drive and determination to achieve great results and success at every race I do, and through reflecting on what I learn at every race, I gather the knowledge that is invaluable going forward; improving in small steps.

There is so much to continue to learn, but that is the beauty of the sport of cycling, you will never stop improving and developing. I can’t wait for 2024 in the World Tour with CANYON//SRAM and am excited to see where it takes me!”



  • Team Classification winners, Setmana Ciclista Valenciana
  • Winner teams classification, Vuelta a Burgos, WWT
  • 7th British national road championships
  • Winner of the 2022 CANYON//SRAM Zwift Academy Road
  • 2nd place, Lancaster GP
  • 7th place, Newark Town Centre Races
  • 2nd place stage, Rás na mBan
  • 7th place stage, Rás na mBan
  • 3rd mountain classification, Rás na mBan
  • 3rd youth classification, Rás na mBan
  • 8th general classification, Rás na mBan
  • 7th place, Curlew Cup


UCI Women's Worldteam

With fifteen riders from nine different countries, Women’s World Tour team CANYON//SRAM Racing is the home of a diverse group of highly ambitious women who are willing to invest in their future and the future of cycling by breaking new grounds and constantly challenging themselves and their competitors. 


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